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How to create a debug log?

When you face a problem and our support team is unable to reproduce it on our side, we often ask you for a debug log and send you required DLLs for this.

Here is a description of gathering a log about a problem:

  1. Download debug DLLs the support team sends to you.
  2. Put the DLLs near the original ones. For example, if you need to create a log for MPlaylistD.dll, you should put the file in the same folder where the MPlaylistPXT.dll is located.
  3. Register the debug DLL files.
  4. Download a logging tool. You can download it here.
  5. Extract the archive into any folder.
  6. Run either register32.bat (for x86 DLLs) or register64.bat (for x64 DLLs). Type a name of an output log file and click "Save" button. For multi-treading applications, you can select "Append process name to log file name" option. Once enabled, you have several output log files.
  7. Run your application and reproduce the error. Sometimes you may have debug assertions. Try to ignore them by pressing "Ignore" button (this information is also included in the output log file).
  8. Close the application.
  9. To disable logging you should remove the following registry branch for x86:
    and for x64:
  10. Zip the output log file and send the archive back to the support team.

Sometimes output log file is too big for sending via email. In this case, there is a LogEditor utility (included into the logging tool archive). You can use it to cut some part of the log file (usually the last 100-150 MB) to make it shorter and smaller.