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Multiple preview

To use several previews for a single source object you should create several MPreview  (or MFPreview) objects. Here is an example:

MPlatform SDK

MPreviewClass prev = new MPreviewClass(); 
MPreviewClass prev1 = new MPreviewClass(); 
MFileClass m_objFile = new MFileClass(); 

prev.PreviewWindowSet("", panel1.Handle.ToInt32()); 
prev.PreviewEnable("", 1, 1); 
prev.ObjectStart(m_objFile); // start the 1st preview
prev1.PreviewWindowSet("", panel2.Handle.ToInt32()); 
prev1.PreviewEnable("", 0, 1); 
prev1.ObjectStart(m_objFile); // start the 2nd preview

MFormats SDK

You should create and configure 2 MFPreview objects and feed then with source frames. Note that you should use only one object to control the frame rate:

// preview frame with common object 
mySecondPreview.ReceiverFramePut(sourceFrame, 0, ""); 
// preview frame with master object that controls playback rate
myMainPreview.ReceiverFramePut(sourceFrame, -1, "");