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Scheduling of playlist items

You can set a start time for any element in a playlist with the ItemStartTimeSet method. The method has 2 parameters:

For example, to set a start time of a playlist item you should get the item (MItem object) and use:

date.nDay = 25;
date.nMonth = 12;
date.nYear = 2017;
date.nHour = 14;
date.nMinute = 23;
date.nSecond = 52;
item.ItemStartTimeSet(ref date, eMStartType.eMST_Specified);

To disable start time of the item you should use any M_DATETIME structure and eMST_Off type or eMST_Auto:

item.ItemStartTimeSet(ref date, eMStartType.eMST_Off);

Once an item has a specified start time, all the next items' start times are calculated automatically. But if you have a sequence of files with determined start time, there are several types of playlist behavior - it can wait for the next start time, or skip the next scheduled item until its start time.

To set the behavior of playlist on the border between playlist items you should set the “schedule_waitstart” property through IMProps interface:

myPlaylist.PropsSet("object::schedule_waitstart", myValue);

Let the previous file ended at 10:59 and the next item has a specified start time 11:00.

If “schedule_waitstart” value is:

With this approach, you can synchronize several playlists to start at the same time. Just set the same start time for the 1st items in all the playlists.