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Types of licenses

By default, without any licenses, both SDKs works in trial mode. It means that all the features are available (even optional components, like closed captioning support) but you have a Medialooks logo overlay above your video.

Once purchased, you'll get an archive with 2 sets of licenses - development and deployment. Both types remove the overlay and limit an SDK to work according to the purchased edition or components. If you use some components without licenses you'll have an error (for example, if you try to open an MXF file with Professional edition of MFormats SDK) or the logo overlay is back (in case you encode a file with MPlatform SDK without Encoder Lib license).

Development license

.development.lic files do not require activation from code. Just put the LIC files into the folders where the SDKs DLLs are located. For example

"Program Files (x86)\Medialooks\MPlatform SDK\Bin\x86" and "Program Files (x64)\Medialooks\MPlatform SDK\Bin\x64"

Once implemented, the logo overlay is hidden. 

Note please that it is not recommended to use LIC files for redistribution of your applications. Once the subscription is over the logo overlay on your video is back even if you use a proper release

Deployment license

This type of licenses is recommended to redistribute your application. The files are provided together with code samples (for each development environment that we support). The provided code should be added to your application. These license files will work forever with any product version that is released while (or was released before) your subscription is valid.

How to use:

Typical scenario of license activation

  1. Make sure that MLProxy.dll is registered. The file is located in /bin/x86 and /bin/x64 folders of the SDK's directory.
  2. Add MLProxy.dll as a reference to your project in your IDE.
  3. Add a proper code file from "Deployment" folder of your license archive to your project.
  4. Call the protection initialization method before you create any of the SDK's objects. Usually, it is recommended to do within your application constructor.

If you have several licenses, for example, MPlatform SDK and Decoder lib, or MFormats SDK and Character Generator, make sure that you add all the license code to your project and that you call protection initialization method for all the components you use.

Known issues

Sometimes Visual Studio returns you an error the 1st time you use MLProxy.dll as a reference in your project. The error is caused by "Embed Interop Type" property of the reference. Go to the reference properties and set the "Embed Interop Type" property to "False".