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MFLive object properties

The properties are stored in the system registry:


and can be set with the PropsSet method. Please refer to this article about prefixes for properties. 

 Name Default value Description
" extra_devices.clsids "" "CLSID of external devices.
" object_name "" MFLive "Sets default object name
" register_object "" true "Once enabled, the object is registered to the system to gather statistics.
" crop "" "Default crop configuration.
" mirror "" "Default mirror configuration.
" rotate "" "Default rotate configuration.
" input.buffers ""3"Maximal size of the input buffer in frames.
" device_sharing "" true "Enables Device Sharing feature with which you can use the same device multiple times in different applications at the same time.
" bmd.h264recorder "" false "Enables Blackmagic Design H.264 ProRecorder device to be supported.
" aja.new_api "" true "Enables a new API mode for AJA boards. It requires a new drivers version for AJA devices that are located by default at:
c:\Program Files (x86)\Medialooks\MFormats SDK\Bin\x86\AJA\Driver\dpinst.exe
" ext_audio.insert_to_channels "" "Default external audio channels configuration.
" ext_audio.enabled "" true "Enables externa audio sources usage.
" ext_audio.show_all_loopback "" false "Once enabled, all the possible Loopback sources are available. Once disabled, it uses only default sound card for PC Loopback mode.
" ext_audio.audio_only_msec ""40"Sets duration of an audio chunk for audio-only signal (so you use None as a video source)
" ext_audio.wasapi_buffer_msec ""0"Sets WASAPI buffer size in msec.
" ltc.enabled "" false "Enables LTC timecode by default.
" ltc.sync "" false "Synchronizes LTC timecode with a timecode from the source.
" ltc.audio_device "" "Sets default LTC timecode device.
" scaling_quality "" auto "Sets scaling quality for video.
Possible values:
  • auto - automatically detects the best suitable quality
  • 2 - poor scaling but low performance
  • 8 - good scaling and acceptable performance
  • 18 - best scaling and high performance
" directshow.supported "" true "Once enabled, DirectShow sources are available in MFLive object.
" no_signal.send_for_audio_only "" false "Once enabled, MFLive sends "No Video Signal" video for audio-only sources.
" no_signal.enabled "" true "Enables MLive to send "No Video Signal" video in case there is no signal (neither audio nor video) on a device.
" no_signal.picture "" "Specifies a custom image for "No Video Signal" video. You can use a path to a static image or a color in hex.
" no_signal.max_wait_msec ""160"Sets maximal wait time in msec for "No Video Signal".
" device.update_count "" false "Once enabled, a list of available devices is updated each time you call the DeviceGetCount method. It is useful when you work with devices that can be plugged in and out the system, for example, web cameras.
" device.start_at_deviceset "" true "Once enabled, a device is started the moment you set it with the DeviceSet method.