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MFRenderer object properties

The properties are stored in the system registry:


and can be set with the PropsSet method. Please refer to this article about prefixes for properties.

 Name Default value Description
" object_name "" MFRenderer "Sets default object name
" register_object "" true "Once enabled, registers the object in the system for gathering statistics information
" extra_devices.clsids "" "CLSID for extra devices to use them as output devices.
" experimental.external_process "" false "Once enabled, an output is operated in an external MServer.exe process.
" aja.new_api "" true "Enables a new API mode for AJA boards. It requires a new drivers version for AJA devices that are located by default at:
c:\Program Files (x86)\Medialooks\MFormats SDK\Bin\x86\AJA\Driver\dpinst.exe

Note please that there is a set of properties specific for different device vendors. These properties are described in Hardware category.